Bunions, Corns and Calluses

Bunions, Corns, and Calluses are common foot ailments associated with improperly-fitted footwear. Please contact your family doctor or Podiatrist to ask them how Birkenstock footwear or arch supports can help treat your symptoms. Also, feel free to contact your local Birkenstock retailer about their healthy footwear recommendations. Birkenstock has many products that can help with Bunions, Corns, and Calluses.

Treat Bunions, Corns and Calluses

Bunions are a prominent bump on the inside of the foot around the big toe joint. Corns are an accumulation of dead skin cells usually found on the toes, forming thick hardened areas. They contain a cone-shaped core whose point can press on a nerve below causing pain. Calluses are also an accumulation of dead skin cells that harden and thicken over an area of the foot. They are the body’s defense mechanism against excessive pressure and friction. Calluses are normally found on the bottom of the foot, the heel, and/or the inside of the big toe.

Causes of Bunions, Corns, Calluses

Bunions, Corns, and Calluses are all related in that they can each be caused by tight and/or poor fitting footwear. Each can also be caused by the following:


  • Footwear that is too narrow and/or too small
  • Constrictive toe boxes (toe area)
  • Tapered toe boxes can cause bunions and cause them to worsen to the point of needing surgery


  • Footwear with elevated heels or tight-fitting stockings or socks
  • Deformed toes
  • The foot sliding forward in a loose-fitting shoe


  • Excessive pressure on a specific area of the foot
  • Footwear with elevated heels and shoes that are too small
  • Flat feet, high-arch feet, excessive weight, and loss of the fat pad on the bottom of the foot


With Bunions, a person will have inflammation, swelling, and soreness on the side surface of the big toe. Corns most commonly are tender cone-shaped patches of dry skin on the top or side of the toes. Calluses will appear on high-pressure points of the foot as thick hardened patches of skin.

Treatment & Prevention

The first step in the treatment of Bunions, Corns, and Calluses is determining what is causing the problem. Check with your family doctor or Podiatrist (foot doctor) to find the best solution for your ailment.

You can reduce the risk of Bunions, Corns, and Calluses by following these simple instructions:

  • Wear properly-fitting footwear, socks, and stockings (not too tight or too loose)
  • Wear footwear with a wide toe box (toe area)
  • Wear footwear or arch supports which provide proper support, weight distribution, and shock absorption
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • For early-stage Bunions, soaking your feet in warm water can provide temporary relief

Medical information and illustrations furnished courtesy of FOOT.COM

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