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the birkenstock footbed

As you may or may not know, your foot has four arches (the medial, lateral, metatarsal and transverse, to be precise). Take a look at a Birkenstock footbed. Those rolling contours you see support each and every one of them. Along with all twenty-six bones, fifty-six ligaments and eight major muscles that also reside in the human foot (by now, you’ve probably figured out that we take this stuff pretty seriously). Think about what your footprint looks like in the sand. Then look again at our footbed. Starting to get the picture?

Comfort in Three Footbeds

  • Original Footbed »

    Our original contoured footbed fits feet with an average arch and a neutral gait.

  • Soft Footbed »

    A soft Birkenstock? Longtime fans may not believe it, but for folks that are new to our shoes, those with low arches, sensitive feet, or those who just want a bit more cushion, we offer our soft footbed. It’s our time-tested cork construction with an extra layer of soft foam, filled with millions of tiny air bubbles.

  • High Arch »

    Need a little more support? Do you have high arches or flexible feet? Then this is the Birkenstock for you. Based on our traditional footbed the medial arch is higher, the metatarsal arch is higher, and the heel cup is deeper. It all adds up to increased arch support and stability.

Quality in Two Widths

regular and narrow width Birkenstock shoes and sandals

It’s a simple statement of a simple fact. Some folks have wide feet. Some have narrow. And since Birkenstock is all about comfort, it only makes sense for us to offer both a regular and a narrow version of our footwear.

  • Men's Width

    Regular: American width equivalent D-EE

    Narrow: American width equivalent B-C

  • Women's Widths

    Regular: American width equivalent C-D

    Narrow: American width equivalent A-B

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